Quench Medical is an early stage company developing a novel aerosol platform technology to deliver medicine into deep areas of the lung with unprecedented efficiency to greatly increase efficacy in treating pulmonary airway diseases. The primary application of this technology is an inhaled chemotherapy medication to treat lung cancer by directly targeting lung tumors and minimizing systemic toxicity. The platform technology is being extended with further pipeline medications to treat additional lung diseases such as COPD, asthma, and cystic fibrosis. World leading experts in respiratory toxicology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, pulmonology, and delivery technology are all collaborating in this effort to bring the next generation of respiratory therapy to the market. 


The Burden of Lung Cancer

Despite the use of aggressive surgery and combination chemotherapy, lung cancer remains difficult to control and is the biggest killer among cancers at 154,000 annual US deaths. The standard of care is intravenous chemotherapy drugs, limited by low drug concentration delivered to the lungs due to blood volume dilution. Quench Medical’s inhalation technology delivers the drug directly to tumor tissues in the lung thereby enhancing its efficacy due to increased local drug concentration in the lung, and decreased systemic toxicity due to decreased systemic drug levels in the circulation. The new method delivers the chemotherapeutic drug via dry powder inhalation to reach lung tumors directly (in lower doses) in order to maximize the effectiveness and safety of the cancer treatment.



Bryce Beverlin II, Ph.D. Founder & CEO

Bryce Beverlin II founded Quench Medical to solve crucial problems in respiratory drug delivery for treating lung diseases. Bryce is a physicist entrepreneuer with 12 years of R&D experience, postdoctoral commercialization training at the Medical Devices Center, and a physics Ph.D. in a biomedical engineering lab at the University of Minnesota (UMN) who has also developed technologies for Boston Scientific, Teijin Pharma, and the UMN. He is driven by a passion to help patients with lung diseases by developing the next-generation of highly performing treatments.

Nancy Ness, Acting CFO

Nancy Ness is a financial professional with extensive experience in biomedical company development who is an expert in shaping rounds of financing in addition to controllership and treasury duties. She has provided key financial and fundraising skills to over 40 early stage and commercial companies in Minnesota, Australia, Ireland, Pennsylvania, and California. Nancy has also served in various financial positions over the past 35 years, and for 20 years she has been focusing solely on consulting for the medical device and bio-pharma markets.

Peter Crosby, Board of Directors

Peter Crosby has been Chief Executive Officer or Chairman of 7 medical device companies in four countries. Peter is a specialist at bringing new medical devices to the global market, from concept to profitability. He has served as a key consultant in the fields of business strategy, intellectual property, research and development, capital markets, product launch and market development. Mr. Crosby’s specialties include: medical business development, financing & venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, product development, intellectual property, organizational development, marketing and sales. He has also served as expert witness in several lawsuits on IP, product liability, and commercialization.

John Foster, Board of Directors

John Foster has more than 30 years of executive management experience and proven expertise in developing and bringing specialty pharmaceuticals and drug-device combination products to market. Mr. Foster is currently CEO of NeuroBridge Therapeutics. He was previously the founder and CEO of CNS Therapeutics, a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and marketing intrathecal drugs for neurological disorders and pain. CNS was sold to Covidien/Mallinckrodt (October 2012). John also serves as Chairman of Gillette Children's Hospital Specialty Healthcare.



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